Building the Higher Quality Wood Fences, Wood Driveway & Pedestrian Gates and Patio Covers in the Los Angeles Area.

In the five photo albums below you will find hundreds photos of wood fences, gates and other projects that we have built here in the Los Angeles area.

For an easier and better viewing experience you may prefer to use a large tablet, notebook/laptop or desktop computer.  Also please note that the 6 photo albums on the front/home page of my website are much more up-to-date with many more photos of our work!

Wood Fences & Gates Modern Horizontal Styles and Designs in the Los Angeles Area, built by


Call my cell: 310-717-2000


Wood Fences and Gates, Regular and Modern Vertical Styles and Designs in the Los Angeles Area, built by


Los Angeles Area Driveway Gates, built by


Call my cell:  310-717-2000


Floating/Elevated Wood Fences, Etc., in the Los Angeles Area, built by


Other Outdoor Wood Projects, etc., in the Los Angeles Area, built by


Call my cell:  310-717-2000

Wood fencing is fun to build and comes in many forms. Garden fences add to the tranquility of your garden, courtyard, front or back yard; and are a pleasure to build! Wood privacy fencing is famous for improving relationships between neighbors! When I’m building a new wood privacy fence I always see both sides smiling. Sometimes both neighbors split the cost, sometimes they don’t. I just make sure to build it right: strong and beautiful so that it lasts.

The bottom line here, both literally and figuratively is that not all builders build the same. Differences in design, materials, construction, technique and precision can very quickly add up to make a big difference in how long your wood fence and gate project performs and lasts. Sure it’s just a fence, it’s not a computer chip. But choosing the right builder definitely saves you headaches and aggravation caused by premature failure and consequential rebuilds. It’s your fence, it’s your gate, and I will build it right!

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