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Call my cell:  310-717-2000






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Call my cell:  310-717-2000






Call my cell:  310-717-2000



“Stefan is easy to work with. He meets his time commitments, and is passionate about overbuilding for strength and aesthetics. There were a couple of times when my ‘good enough’ was not good enough for Stefan. I am thankful I took his advice. I was given alternative choices based on cost when changes arose and was never pressured in a decision.”
Via La Gitano
Poway, CA

“He took his time and made sure it came out right. He definitely cares about the strength and quality of his fences. Price wasn’t too bad either!”
Oak Way
Arroyo Grande, CA

“Mine was a one day repair job. We even went to Home Depot together and got the materials. It was a bit more work than we originally guessed, but he never mentioned raising the price, and his price was certainly fair and reasonable.

It came out great and the neighbors are happy about it too.”
Veteran Avenue
Westwood (Los Angeles, CA)

“This was 3 houses in a row, with ours in the middle so we had the lions share of the work. All of the old fence was FULL of termites, and was at least 5 years overdue for a rebuild, but hey, we’ve only been here a couple years. Ruben & his wife on one side already had their fence rebuilt, so the side we shared was all they needed. He said it best when he came out after it was all done, “This isn’t a fence, it’s a Masterpiece.”

Matt & his wife on the other side were ready for a complete rebuild like us. But Matt’s neighbors on the other side were a little slow, plus there was an old rotten retaining wall that he had to negotiate with them. So he decided to do that last side later.

Marita & I have known Stefan on a personal level for many years. He is a perfectionist, too honest for his own good, and he always wants whatever he does to be The Best. I would hire him over an overpriced licensed contractor any day. Stefan gave us a good deal on labor so Matt & I even helped (sorry Stefan, as an active NAVY Chief I’m not holding any secrets). He was so incredibly thorough, from the termite prevention, to the deep post holes, to the exact straight lines, leveling, and even tricky problems that came up he solved perfectly, I’m impressed. And I’ve never seen wood gates so strong, built from scratch right before my eyes!

This was a one-time deal since we know him personally, so we just had to have him build the Patio Roof immediately afterward. Yet another perfect job. Matt did all the fence staining after Stefan left. Now we easily have the best fence in the whole neighborhood.

You need a wood fence? Play it safe-have Stefan build it. He really is a wood fence expert.”
Eric & Marita
Via La Gitano
Poway, CA

“We were referred by a friend that loved Stefan’s work. The quality of our new fence far surpassed our expectations and we were actually shocked when his bid came in much lower than others we received. Great job Stefan! We will refer you whenever we can!”
Joe and Stacey
Studio City, CA

“After building my own driveway gate, I’ve had enough Do-It-Yourself projects for the year. So the weather was very threatening but he came ready to work rain or shine. Luckily there was a break in the rain so it worked out just fine. The new fence is beautiful and strong, and somehow seems larger than the old fence. We like the fact that he set the concrete around the posts about 2 inches above ground level with a slight taper. That’s because our old fence broke and failed right there due to acute decay and rot, caused by soil and moisture accumulation. He also had 2 nice women helping him on our job which was perfect-I only had Monday off of work, so he finished Sunday afternoon ahead of schedule just like he promised. This made life easier because our guard dog could come out of the garage and back into the back yard Sunday afternoon. Put this on your website Stefan, we are definitely happy with your work!”
Greg & Laura
Heart of Melrose District
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for a beautiful fence. The work was fast, professional and custom. We look forward to enjoying our backyard. We are happy with the improvement to our property. I will definitely call them in the future.”
Ingrid & Brendan
Frazier Park, CA

“Great work, I love my new fence. Came in under time and on budget. Fast, courteous and professional. Simple solutions to complex problems.”
Doug & Cherry
Frazier Park, CA

“Stefan is that very rare contractor. When he said he’d meet me at my home for a free estimate, he showed up on time. When he said he’d start the job on a particular day, he did. When he said he would finish before a particular day, he did that, too. When he said I would love his work, he was right. My backyard looks terrific. If you need a fence or other wood work, I give Stefan my highest recommendation.”
Sherman Oaks, CA

“Stefan, our “wood fence expert” is definitely an expert! He came out to estimate and discuss our job and had many ideas and expertise to share. In collaboration, we worked out a great plan for the new fence and “portal” to our front walk that would compliment our home and last probably into the next century.

I was impressed with Stefan’s professionalism, but also with his enthusiasm–the genuine joy and pride–he shows for his work. There is no way that Stefan will provide anything but the absolute best, most thought-out job that can be imagined. His wood-estimating talents should be legendary. If there was waste, it was only because the lumber yard provided an inferior piece of wood, which Stefan would never use. We are thrilled with our project and so are our neighbors. We have received many compliments since the project was completed. Thank you, Stefan!”
Laurie & Eric
Culver City, CA

Call my cell:  310-717-2000

“I found Stefan through Google and thank goodness for the internet! I needed a patio gate and fell in love with a cool contemporary one on a trip to Australia. I showed Stefan a photo and not only did he put a lot of thought in to it and create it-he made it even better. The new gate catches everyone’s attention and is constantly referred to as a ‘piece of art’. I agree. Stefan is an artist. Plus he’s creatively clever, fair and great fun. I highly recommend him!”
Sherman Oaks, CA

“Stefan is a rare commodity in the building business – honest to a fault, reliable, fun and easy to talk to, flexible in his approach to the job and, with all that, a real craftsman.

He took longer to build my new fence than expected because he kept finding ways to make it better, stronger, more attractive, and with no mention of additional cost.

If you need a good fence, call the Wood Fence Expert.”
Roy & Karen
Valley Village/North Hollywood, CA

“I have to tell you that everyday as I am leaving, I am so glad you re-stained the fence the darker color. I’m not sure but it looks even better now than the first day. I think the stain has penetrated the wood and it really shows the natural wood grain. We are very pleased with the fence and especially your service. I will recommend you to as many people as I can.”
Russ & Janette
Covina Heights, CA

“After getting several bids, we chose him to build the fence to enclose our proposed “doggie playground” area. He approached our small scale job with all the passion and care you would expect on a large, extensive, high cost job. Stefan paid attention to detail that I hadn’t even thought of! He worked quickly, honestly and for a great price. Stefan did an amazing job. We, and our Jack Russell Terrier could not be happier!”
Los Feliz / Los Angeles

“Stefan is a true fence building professional, he did an excellent job at a fair price, completed the work on time to a very high standard. I am very pleased with his work and will definitely use him again on my next project and will recommend him to anyone I know who is looking for a fence installation.”
Westwood / Los Angeles

Call my cell:  310-717-2000

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